The Pollinatarium begins!

The level of knowledge about pollination in the general public is surprisingly low, despite its importance as an ecosystem service maintaining the vast diversity of flowering plants.  The UI Pollinatarium is dedicated to all creatures 2- , 4- , or 6- legged that assist flowering plants in meeting their reproductive needs. Our hope is that the Pollinatarium will be both a campus resource for research and teaching and a major regional attraction for the community and its visitors.

The construction of a new Bee Research Facility for Dr. Gene Robinson allowed the Department of Entomology to reconfigure the former Bee Research Facility on South Farms as a science center devoted to pollinators and pollination. Its location in the midst of the Arboretum brings together flowers and pollinators physically and conceptually, for optimal impact and appeal. Multiple exhibits acquaint visitors with a broad range of disciplines involved in the study of pollination, including ecology, evolution, plant biology, insect physiology, animal behavior, crop sciences and conservation. Changing exhibits will relate to world events and ongoing research on pollinators. Moreover, the Pollinatarium is the physical home of Beespotter (, a UI web-based citizen science effort launched in October 2007 to engage the public in monitoring the distribution and abundance of Illinois honey bees and bumble bees.

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