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We’re officially open to the Public!

The Pollinatarium has officially opened to the public! It is the first free-standing science center in the nation devoted to flowering plants and their pollinators. Why do plants and pollinators merit such special attention? The ecological interaction between pollinators and plants is vitally important because most terrestrial life on Earth depends in one way or read more »

Thank you!

We are exceptionally fortunate that developer Peter Fox has taken an interest in this project and has made an extraordinary effort to bring it to fruition. He arranged for an architect to draw up plans for the renovation, for local businesses to donate HVAC, plumbing, and electric work, and for a Boy Scout Troop to read more »

The Pollinatarium begins!

The level of knowledge about pollination in the general public is surprisingly low, despite its importance as an ecosystem service maintaining the vast diversity of flowering plants. ┬áThe UI Pollinatarium is dedicated to all creatures 2- , 4- , or 6- legged that assist flowering plants in meeting their reproductive needs. Our hope is that read more »